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Builders, flood and emergency call-out

Preparing a building for handover or occupancy after the builders or fitters have finished work can be a major headache, especially if deadlines have been squeezed and you are still knee-deep in dust.

We’ll put in a team of specialist cleaners to have you ready in no time – they will clean every surface and corner, inside cupboards, remove labels from appliances and basically get everything looking the way you want your client to find it.

Unfortunately, no building is immune from the odd disaster, and we’ve had a great deal of experience over the years sorting out the aftermath of floods caused by large leaks from air conditioning systems, overflowing drains or the result of fighting a small fire. One of the benefits of Xenon being London-based is that we can be with you very quickly to get carpets up, out and cleaned and to clean all surfaces. If you’ve had a fire or flood, our professionals will get your premises back in order in no time.