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Complete on site support (COSS)

Government estimates suggest that identity fraud is costing in the region of £2 billion each year. It is essential that businesses have effective confidential waste management in place, ensuring safe and secure disposal.

If you have waste that must be destroyed securely and completely, Xenon Complete On Site Support enables you to hand the problem over to us with the confidence of knowing that all aspects of the process from collection, through transportation, to ultimate destruction will be handled in accordance with European Security Standard BSEN15713:2009.

We provide secure data destruction for all types of media such as paper documents, files and computer printouts. The waste is bagged into special security sacks sealed with a numbered security seal and transported in secure containers on securely tracked vehicles. The drivers and handlers are fully enhanced CRB-cleared and vehicles are unloaded under supervision at the destruction site. The operation is monitored and recorded at all times by CCTV and the material is destroyed within 24 hours of collection.

Xenon COSS guarantees that your confidential information is destroyed completely. We provide a secure trail for every consignment process, together with a certificate of destruction.

Contact us for more detailed information on confidential waste destruction.