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How we work

Not only do we clean well-known offices for high-profile corporate clients but also many premises occupied by small, privately-owned companies. We are more than happy to offer references on request and would be proud to show you some of the office buildings we clean. We recognise the importance of security and will rigorously uphold security policies and procedures where these are stipulated by the client.

Full tender or just give us a call

We can participate in your formal tender process and submit a bona-fide offer in full compliance with the written tender invitation, specification, terms and conditions. Alternatively, if you contact us for a quotation, we’ll visit to survey your site and, using our expertise, will provide a detailed specification of the items and areas to be cleaned. The document we produce outlines the methods and frequency of cleaning and will help to form the basis on which clients assess performance.

Quality assurance

We have developed our own ‘traffic light’ appraisal system in order to ensure that every client is happy with the standards and service provided throughout their office premises. This is measured against key performance indicators covering service and contract compliance, response times, communication, documentation, health and safety and cost which are established with the client from the outset under our Service Level Agreement.

Each week Xenon’s relevant contracts manager reviews performance and carries out a site inspection. We hold formal meetings each month with the client, covering aspects such as staff performance, operational changes, periodic duties and overall quality performance. Finally, a quarterly contract review meeting is held between the client’s representative and Xenon’s Operations or Commercial Director to review issues such as quality assurance marks, management and staff performance.

When it comes to the roll out process, mobilisation is carefully planned, with staff responsibilities and timescales clearly identified. We ensure that the client is kept well informed at all stages. We have a great deal of experience with TUPE transfers and will ensure a high level of support during the consultation period prior to roll-out.

Xenon supplies all the equipment, machinery, clothing and cleaning products necessary to fulfil your cleaning requirements. These are colour-coded in accordance with the British Institute of Cleaning Services (BICS) guidelines to prevent cross-contamination between: sanitary appliances and washroom floors (red); general food and bar use (green); general lower risk areas excluding food areas (blue) and wash basins and other washroom surfaces (yellow).