Overnight South Downs Way 100

I have decided to ride the 100 miles of the South Downs Way overnight from Tuesday 3rd into Wednesday 4th August. Although I have talked about doing this ride for a while, this is a very last minute fund-raising effort as I have been waiting for the right weather conditions and a gap in my work schedule to line up before committing to it.

A good friend told me all about this charity and the work that they do to support children who have lost their parents way too young. Living On is a small charity based in SE London and I want to see if we can raise a few £s to help support them after a year when charities have had their fund-raising opportunities drastically cut and many people have struggled financially too. You can find out more about them here: http://livingon.org.uk/

I have completed the route a few times before, but never overnight. And only once in one go in 2013. As well as being 100 miles long, the route takes in some 10,000+ feet of climbing and almost all of it is off road. I really love cycling this route and I would encourage all of you that read this to go and have a walk or ride along parts of it and see for yourself how stunning it is.

Anyway, I decided this afternoon (2/8/21) that tomorrow night looked like everything was lining up, so I have just made myself a ton of sandwiches, put the bike lights on charge and arranged my transport to Winchester.

I am doing this ride unsupported which means I am going to take everything I might need with me and I hope that I don’t fall off, break the bike or collapse in a heap with no energy after a few hours in the saddle.

I hope to get to Eastbourne on the 4th August in time for breakfast (The Cadence Café just off the seafront seems appropriate).

Wish me luck and if you can spare a few pennies to help support Living On I would be most grateful.

I you would like to make a donation please click here.

Thank you.

James 🙂