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Xenon Pest Prevention & Control

Xenon Pest Prevention & Control has been established to offer the highest quality Pest Control services to commercial organisations across London and the South East.

The company has been established with Ethical, Ecological and Effective as its guiding principles. Using Technicians trained by The Royal Society for Public Health we offer preventative driven pest control, reactive treatments as well as consultancy services.

XPPC provides a service that will mitigate all factors that could give rise to a pest infestation and to deal with any that occur rapidly in an efficient, appropriate, and professional manner.

Pests are not only a nuisance and can distress staff and alarm any visitors to your premises with their presence, they also present a health risk.

Rodents can transmit diseases to humans through their incontinence and nesting habits and with their relentless gnawing often the cause of damage to infrastructure which in turn can lead to other risks and consequences.

Insects can cause distress to those in an environment and provide a health risk through direct and indirect contact. Property damage is also a concern albeit a lower level than other pests. Our practices monitor for the activity of pests and offer solutions for all aspects of their presence when required.

We also monitor for various insects as part of our routine checking such as Stored Product Insects, Cockroaches and Garden Ants and offer treatment regimes as required.

Xenon are full members of the British Pest Control Association. Click the BPCA logo above to view certification.


Please click HERE to visit the XPPC website or call Xenon on 020 7701 7070 to find out how we can help you with any Pest Control matter.