Below are a selection of testimonials from our valued customers.

Firstly let me say how pleasing it is to convey some positive news at a time of such uncertainty within the world of estates management and with the attendant challenges we are all wrestling with on a daily basis.

Recently our Client invited the architects responsible for the 2001 design of our building to undertake survey with a view to their input in new finishes for the next common parts refurbishment. Having arranged the site visit for the Architect and with some lighted-hearted dialogue ensuing around his concern for how well or otherwise the current design has or has not aged, I received the following pleasing and unsolicited post survey note from him:

“One of the first things I said was how carefully the finishes have been looked after especially vulnerable areas like the timber panelling. Management have done a great job including the lightwells which were looking spic and span – easily overlooked. Really heartening to see the building is still appreciated which implies the occupants also enjoy being there. Pleasing to see the general arrangement Entrance Hall and the security/post room arrangement has functioned over time. Also interesting that the un-refurbished WC areas with the glass handbasin still look maintained and clean, and the new WC design on higher levels does not “jar” with original finishes in general areas. We really enjoyed out visit, so thank you for arranging it”

Clearly there are other services providers who over the years have contributed to the upkeep of this address but none more so than Xenon Cleaning Services who are at the coalface of such endeavours on a daily basis. You may therefore be truly proud of what is demonstrable evidence of delivering services to your Client in accordance with the high standards set out within your mission statement.

It is has been a pleasure to work with you as a key Service Partner over the years and I look forward to many more.

Senior Facilities Manager, Trophy Building, Mayfair, London

Xenon have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Throughout my years of working with cleaning and pest control teams there has been several issues as it can sometimes tend to fall in the background unless you have a problem. Xenon are diligent and have an excellent attention to detail. Their experience comes across in the execution of when you have issues as well as helping with the preventative maintenance for your spaces. The Pest Control team work fluidly with cleaning team to ensure that the service delivered is top class. I would highly recommend not only their professional services, his discretion when dealing with issue and professionalism and focus when delivering the task in hand.

Head of Facilities, UK Head Office, Tower Bridge, London

Our Contracts Manager Luciene and the Division Director Claudia consistently give us superb support. The full team are always efficient and responsive to requests even at short notice. The team maintains a high standard cleaning and this is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from both staff and visitors to our offices.

Ian Flavill – Head of Cyber Security & Facilities, Coller Capital

I would like to state that G-Research recognize the excellence in professionalism, competence and cooperation carried out by Xenon.

They offer the highest standards of cleaning and their team produce outstanding results.

In regards to communication, Xenon are impeccable. They arrange for us to have monthly catch up’s and keep us updated in any changes to staff etc.

The complicated schedule and demands of quality for our building/office environment did not deter Xenon from ever being available to address issues and concerns and offer considerable assistance and coordination. This was done with the utmost best value in pricing and unfailing eager enthusiasm to both meet this schedule as well.

During my three years working in Facilities Management, I have rarely seen a cleaning company, such as Xenon that have not just been able to handle problems as they arise but proactively plan. I cannot express enough how valued Xenon are to G-Research and would recommend to the highest degree.

Blanaid Henderson – Facilities, G Research

Changing our cleaning supplier over to Xenon Services has brought the shine back to our office! Very happy with how professional and reliable the team is, I would fully recommend Xenon Services.

Elena Runceanu –  Office Manager

We’ve been really happy with the service we’ve had and I’ve gone as far as telling Eduardo that Xenon are the best cleaning company we’ve used.  So thank you

Zara Fram – Administration Manager, Victoria Private Investment Office