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Waste, recycling and confidential waste

We undertake daily waste collection and disposal as part of our standard daily cleaning service. Rubbish is collected and taken away either for recycling or for incineration.

Recycling of glass, cans, plastic, cardboard and paper is carried out at a mixed recycling plant (MERF) in Kent. The ratio of recyclable to non- recyclable waste we handle is normally around 80:20 per cent. We are used to tracking and recording waste data for clients to support their own environmental initiatives and sustainability reporting programmes.

The remaining Non-recyclable material is transported to a waste incinerator (waste to energy plant). As your rubbish is burned the heat and energy created fuels an electricity-generating turbine that, in turn, supplies the national grid.


Confidential waste

In addition to our daily service we can take care of waste that requires special security handling. All confidential waste is security tagged before being taken for industrial cross shredding in compliance with European Security Standard BSEN15713:2009 and air-fed through a chopper fan before being baled at very high pressure. All elements of the destruction process are monitored and recorded 24/7, with digital number plate recognition recording vehicles entering and leaving the site. At the end of the process we issue you with a certificate of destruction confirming the number of confidential sacks that have been destroyed.

See our complete on site support (COSS) service for more information or contact us and we will be happy to take you through the process in more detail.