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Windows, facades and floors

Window cleaning

It may sound obvious, but if you are paying to have your windows cleaned, you want them to be clean! Xenon’s specialist division, Shiners will clean your windows daily, weekly, monthly or just once a year. Our cleaners are directly employed, fully trained and provided with the necessary safety equipment. We provide mobile access platforms and other specialist access equipment as needed. We also use our truck mounted or mobile, pure-water fed telescopic pole system to ensure windows will be sparkling.

Talk to us and we’ll provide suggestions for the most cost-effective options. We even operate a 24-hour response callout service for ultimate peace of mind!


Facades and floors

If your building exterior looks faded or grimy, it’s not a great advertisement for what’s inside – and it can also depress the value your property. Natural stone floors need to be kept pristine – any damage can quickly get worse or pose a safety hazard.

We have a portfolio of services from expert stone and marble restoration to graffiti removal and will guarantee to have everything looking pristine once more – with minimum disruption to those entering and leaving the building.