Xenon Takes Action To Protect Rainforest With Cool Earth

Xenon has taken a holistic approach to doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Our clients demand that we do whatever possible to ensure we are giving them the best service combined with sustainability. The Planet Mark have been invaluable in helping us establish a strategy to measure and improve our performance in a number of ways.

The Planet Mark have helped us identify our impact and then plan & roll out strategies to reduce every aspect of the businesses environmental impact. Already we encourage our team use a combination of public transport, cycling and walking between client sites. Our activity is focussed on central London and this allows us to operate with just one car used split amongst 12 senior management staff. We actively search for products that help balance between effectiveness and impact on the planet in terms of amount required and the distance it must travel to reach us.

Working with The Planet Mark in the future we will improve how we measure our performance and then execute a clear plan to improve our service and our drive to be a sustainable business.